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Demonstrate Confident, Creative and Competent Speaking Online.

Next Class - June 2, 2021

7:00 to 9:00 PM ET

Get Certified, Get Heard, Get Booked

Whether you are a seasoned public speaker or a hopeful novice, presenting online can uncover some new challenges. Corporate and conference booking agents want experts to perform well on virtual stages.

  • Don’t face another virtual event where the audience is distracted or even irritated.
  • Never feel uncomfortable or confused while presenting online.
  • Master effective delivery techniques that will land you speaking gig, after gig, after gig.
  • Gain the online confidence, creativity and competence that your message deserves.
  • Discover online speaking opportunities and how to capture them.
  • Practice the technology that makes it all possible.

Become A Professional Virtual Speaker

Your message deserves a bigger audience.

Let the online experts guide you to perfect your virtual delivery.

Program Materials Include ALL of These:

  • 12 hours of live perfect-your-presentation-as-we-go training with expert faculty (6 weeks)
  • Weekly 60-minute office hours with faculty
  • Leverage Online Speaking: Get More Paid Clients and Higher Fees Ebook
  • The Top 12 Virtual Speaking Platforms Overview explaining the platforms you need to know
  • Your Side Hustle Income Plan Ebook providing a proven framework to create more revenue sources
  • Setting Up Your Home Studio Tip Sheet offering affordable recommendations
  • INSANE and UNFORGETTABLE Presentation Templates Cheatsheet. Never start a deck from scratch again.
  • Your Virtual Assistance Quick Guide for getting you booked
  • Private Facebook Community Learn and grow together

The Six Expert

Sessions Include:


Show Up Like a 6-Figure Speaker & Expert

Personalized assessment of how you show up online with recommendations to have you looking like a star.


Excite and Delight Your Audience

Discover the secrets to grabbing and commanding attention online. Exceed expectations by using polls, chat, presentation magic, third-party apps, and getting outside the presentation box.


Advance Tech Techniques Part 1

Learn and test the functionality and the strategy behind the buttons to create memorable events. Mini-project completed by student or production team member is required for certification.


Advance Tech Techniques Part 2

Continue learning and testing technology to create memorable events. Get started on your mini-project required for certification.


Save Time While Appearing Everywhere

Learn how the experts work efficiently to be seen and heard. everywhere.


Rocket Fuel for Your Virtual Business

Prepare to win virtual speaking stages and monetize them, even when you don't get paid upfront.

But that's not all. You will also:

Translate Your Offline Message for Online Delivery

Examine how to adapt your message for the small screen to maximize impact.

Adapt Your Professional Online Appearance

Dress for the occasion while reflecting your superpower.

Building Your Compelling Power Deck

Determine if presentation deck emphasizes your message and engages your audience.

Face Your Audience Looking Like the Expert That You Are

Assess your video and audio equipment. Discover appropriate enhancements.

Find and Win Online Stages

Prepare to secure new speaking opportunities and learn where to find them.s.

Excite and Delight Your Audience

Learn surprise techniques to solicit audience engagement and appreciation.

The Monetization Formula

Acquire that same strategy used by top speakers to earn often and earn more.

Maximize Your Impact and Revenue

Study proven methodology for world-wide increase.

During the training, you will gain competence using our proven GEMM framework to blast through fear and confusion:

  • Prepare for, identify and monetize online speaking gigs
  • Captivate your audience with sight, sound and more
  • Convert speaking opportunities into real cash both today and tomorrow
  • Maximize every online performance to multiple your impact
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Raving Fans

"The TKC Incorporated team took complex topics and made them concise and simple. They offer this valuable skill of online meeting design and management. Its online summits and in-person conferences are excellent." MB Enterprises

"Presenter was absolutely engaging and had so much to share.  I wish her presentation would have been a bit longer.  Presentation was  informative and the presenter very inspiring--opened my eyes to possibilities I had not considered."   State Department

""I came to the Virtual Speaking Academy to learn how to use Zoom. My coach, Angela Heath, got me looking good with positioning techniques, lighting and understanding how to use Zoom's special features. She is an amazing trainer and coach." Over-the-Top Marketing." Over-the-Top Marketing.

"I came to your Masterclass for a little while. You were excellent. We want to speak with you about an upcoming online project we are planning." AARP Foundation

"Angela is a nationally sought after public speaker and subject matter expert with good reason. She’s that good. I highly recommend Angela as a keynote speaker, author, trainer, and business coach." LinkedIn Driving Instructor

"Angela Heath coached me as I prepared to make sales calls for the first time online. She evaluated my appearance, Powerpoints and delivery. As a result, I was polished and confident to use Zoom for business." Financial Professional

Next Class Starts November 4, 2020

7:00 to 9:00 PM ET

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Meet Dean Angela

My name is Angela Heath. With over 20 years of experience in public speaking and training, I have helped thousands of professionals identify the most effective ways to share their voices. About eight years ago, I started training and speaking online offering Masterclasses, summits, webinars, and hosting events when my only child was diagnosed with cancer. Trading time for money doesn’t work well for hospital moms.

After numerous requests, I launched the Virtual Speaking Academy to train executives, professionals, speakers, authors, and coaches on how to excel on cyber-stages using my GEMM Framework to excite and delight their audiences with a compelling message and engaging performance.

With the world facing a new normal, virtual speaking events are becoming a mainstay for everyone scrambling to get their message heard. The Virtual Speaking Academy is here to prepare you to be more confident, competent, and creative on virtual stages. We will guide you to leverage these opportunities to grow your thought leadership and your business.